The Week that Was: 10/27 - 11/2

The Week that Was: 10/27 – 11/2

Posted in 2014 Watch-a-thon by - November 04, 2014
The Week that Was: 10/27 – 11/2


  1. Red Army
  2. Suicide Club
  3. Nightcrawler
  4. Showrunners
  5. Mr. Turner
  6. Wild
  7. Witchfinder General
  8. Big Hero 6
  9. Why Don’t You Play in Hell?
  10. Life is Sweet
  11. Songs from the Second Floor

Key: * = rewatch, ~ = rewatch within the same year. If a movie is highlighted in blue, then it is one of the 300 which I have sworn to see this year.


Showrunners review

t’s a pity that Showrunners undoes most of its potential via completely uninspired presentation. It’s like a host of bits from DVD bonus features from various shows stitched together. The most interesting it gets is when it engages with Ali LeRoi and Janet Tamaro to hear what it’s like to be, respectively, a black and a woman showrunner in a field dominated by white men. The doc appears to have been made by shooting interviews with whoever agreed to sit down with the filmmakers and then editing them all together with only the vaguest sense of structure and almost no sense of a real point to build towards.

Dan Gilroy interview

“I find this to be a place that has a wild, untamed energy. When I was with Robert Elswit to make our shot list or working with our production designer, Kevin Kavanaugh, we were always looking for places with this untamed spirit. Remote areas that butt up against a park or the ocean or a mountain. You get the sense that man has come and colonized it.”

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